Starbucks Corporation Company Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Schultz was the director of retail operations and marketing for Starbucks Coffee Company, a predecessor to the Company.

BARBARA BASS, 58, has been a Starbucks director since January
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John Culver: President, Starbucks Coffee International
Jeff Hansberry: President, Global Consumer Products, Foodservice
Arthur Rubinfeld: President, Global Development
Michelle Gass: President, Seattle’s Best Coffee
Annie Young-Scivner: Chief Marketing Officer
Troy Alstead: Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Admin. Officer
Paula Boggs: Executive Vice President, general counsel and secretary
Peter Gibbons: Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations
Stephen Gillett: Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and General manager Digital Ventures Starbuck’s Corporation 4

Starbuck Corportation Executives
Kalen Holmes: Executive Vice President, Partner Resources (Human Resources)
Vivek Varma: Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

Financial Analysis of Balance Sheet and Income Sheet of Starbucks
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The price of coffee continues to increase and Starbucks will implement price increases on more labor-intensive beverages and they may raise the price on consumer packaged goods. In 2009 Starbucks had strategic price increases and they were met with very little consumer resistance. Traffic trend continues to improve.

Recommendations for Corporate Improvement

I think that Starbucks is doing an extremely good job because continues to improve and make improvements in each and every community that they are located. Starbucks offers excellent benefits for its employees both part time and full

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