Essay on Starbucks Corporation : A Case Analysis

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A Case Analysis
The Starbucks Corporation is a nationally recognized company with thousands of stores throughout the United States and even more internationally. However, they did not gain market control by selling high-end coffee to consumers, just to clear a profit. Instead, they developed plans to expand their business immediately. This plan involved a strategic three-year geographical store placement in selected cities and a detailed store design. In order to launch their business initiative into their current position, Starbucks created a dominant product brand. In addition, Starbucks expanded to selling items other than coffee: cold beverages, juices, teas, pastries, coffee brewing systems and coffee hardware. They even branched out into selling the music played in the stores.
Another key component to their success are the talented, well-trained employees that radiated the vision of the company. Starbucks puts extra effort into building top management teams and giving them the tools to expertly train their staff. After a few years of successful growth, Starbucks expanded into the mail order market as well as an online presence. Joining forces with other top retailers, they began to grow their brand by delving into supermarket sales and loaning their flavors to other items such as ice cream and beer. Soon, their brand was expanded into a box store and international locations. Starbucks did not take this growth lightly and felt the responsibility to…

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