Essay on Starbucks : A Target Market

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Target Markets:
Just like any other company that offers a service or product for sale, Starbucks has a designated target market that they have to set out to go pursue and fulfill their needs. A target market can be described as a homogeneous group of customers to whom a company wishes to appeal to (Perreault, 2016, p. Chapter 2, page 32). Starbucks ' primary target market are men and women aged 25 to 40 (“Who Is Starbucks ' Target Audience?”, 2016). People who enjoy coffee, tea, and pastries are also a significant part of Starbuck 's target market. The group of adults account for almost 49% of its overall business. Customers happen to have a relatively high income, live in urban areas, have professional careers, and have a strong focus on social welfare. Their target market grows at about 3% rate every year. Starbucks appeals to this age group through its hip and contemporary design and its interior and exterior décor. Starbucks provides an atmosphere for their customers and making them feel valued because it is their target market when producing products.
Young Adults from the age of 18 to 24 make up about 40% of Starbucks ' sales and revenues (“Who Is Starbucks ' Target Audience?”, 2016). Starbucks is also a place where college students may come and hang out, meeting new people, and study and do their work. Starbucks tries to reach out to their younger audience with the intention to create a positive perception, which grows at about 4.6% each year. Children and teenagers…

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