Standardized Tests Ruined School Essay

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Standardized Tests Ruined School Ever since middle school, I have thoroughly enjoyed education. My school focused on sparking interest, and knowledge in each child that walked under it’s arching blue bricks. Teachers were involved and enthusiastic, making giant clay volcanoes that bubbled and fizzed through a crazy concept called science. Math times table worksheets became an exciting game. When the teacher said go, students would flip their papers while the drowning noise of pencils scratching paper indicated everyone wanted to be the first to finish. I continue to recount fondly the memory of my forth grade English teacher. After we would turn in an essay, she selected the top three to read in front of the class. The readings were set up in the library, similar to a book signing, where afterwards students could et an autograph from the three. School was pressured by the goal to excel at academics, not to pass a standardized test. These were simpler times when my education was not impeded by the pressure to please a state test. Are standardized tests necessary, and can they actually measure education standings amongst a mass of students? I believe too much value is placed on these tests because they place ridiculous pressure on a single test, encourage test taking skills rather than education, and they do not accurately measure all student’s knowledge. There comes a point in the year where every high school gives into the pressure of standardized tests and only prepare…

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