Stand For What: Stand For What?

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“Stand for What” is a song created by Nick Cannon to propose his statement on why should we stand up for the America flag when unfair racial injustice, social injustice, and police brutality are still going on today. “Stand for What?” is Nick Cannon spoken word in this song to manifesto many kinds of images and symbols that continue to ponder individuals Americanness. This song was released on Sunday, September 24, 2017, when he was protested at St. Louis for the unjustifiably slain of a police officer name Jason Stockley for killing a black unarmed teen name Anthony Lamar Smith. “Stand for What” demonstrate a powerful message to represent the reality in the movement of voicing for the people about United Stated need to change this country. …show more content…
According to the article called “Kaepernick, Reid takes a knee during National Anthem” Colin Kaepernick explains his point of view to the NFL Network's Steve Wyche that he will continue to kneel down during the anthem to protest for the social injustice against African-Americans and minorities in the United States (Rosenthal). This part relates to Nick Cannon song for two reasons. The first reason why this line relates to this song is that Nick Cannon support his friend awareness that not everyone is treated equally and fairly in this country. He reminds us that there are a lot thing going on in this country who are not being held accountable for their action, which is something that needs to change in this country like police brutality. The second reason why it related to this song is that the National Anthem of the American flag. Kaepernick explains that this country American flag was supposed to stand for freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it not happening for all the people right now. Therefore, Nick Cannon is addressing his song to voice for the people who cannot fight for the equality in this

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