Ramona's Pringle Summary

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In Ramona's Pringle article, "Would we have seen the proliferation of Stalkerware if there were more women in tech" describes the nature of Stalkerware (aka Spouseware) as a means of online domestic abuse. She states that male tech developers who haven't experienced this sort of online abuse, are unaware of the dangers of creating this kind of software. Pringle argues that having more diversity in the tech industry would lead to more informed decisions; "mitigating unforeseen consequences" when developing new technologies; ensuring that dangerous software like Stalkerware wouldn't be accessible to the public.

While Stalkerware earned itself a reputation from the increase in popularity and profitable growth, it has led to the lack of discussion
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Now let's consider the worst case scenario: A victim is being targeted and killed with the aid of Stalkerware. We would know that the user is held accountable for their actions but what happens when Stalkerware is being held in question? Wouldn't tech developers be held liable too? There are no legal ramifications on their end as they are not responsible for the misuse of the software. Tech developers will continue to sell Stalkerware while remaining ignorant to the damages it has contributed.

Another issue associated with Stalkerware is the lack of discussion revolving around its accessibility. There is no discussion as to why a software should be accessible to the public without any sort of legal boundaries and the penalties for its
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This principle should be applied in this scenario- with tech developers and victims. Communication on all levels needs to take place in order to evaluate the ethical and legal aspects of Stalkerware.

With greater discussion from both sides, there could be an interrogation of Stalkerware's existence which could result in a limited profit growth. However, profiting off at the expense of an individual's safety whilst violating their privacy is a dangerous means of business practice; not only has it inflicted damage on victims but also will, in turn, hurt the business as well. Having more communication between the two parties can result in more technologies being constructively created while ensuring the safety of individuals who won't be subjected to online domestic

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