The Pros And Cons Of The National Security Agency

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The National Security Agency also known more commonly as the NSA is the agency in charge of monitoring information for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence. In other words they the watchdogs of the Nation. They make sure that there are no threats to our security. But recently a piece of information on how they retrieve information has come to light and people have begun to ask questions. The NSA should continue to survey the United states but under supervision and guidelines.
Some are adamantly against the NSA taking data from citizens because they say that this is goes against the 4th amendment rights. “Large amounts of cellphone data raises questions about the erosion of people 's privacy as well as their Fourth Amendment protections
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He says that the 4th amendment and all that our nation was built on. “In most states, police can get many kinds of cellphone data without obtaining a warrant, which they would need to search someone 's home or car.” (Source B) The United States Federal and States government are both using this tactic without obtaining a warrant. He explains that the government is breaking its own rules. They are taking data from people without their consent or the backing of a warrant.
Some on the other hand believe that this is a perfectly good way of protecting our rights while not invading our privacy. “As cyber-theft and cyber-attacks continue to spread (and they will), and especially when they result in a catastrophic
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I believe that this tool is dangerous but also has many possibilities for the good of the nation. All the best tools are dangerous if used incorrectly. Conversely if there isn 't some danger element to the tool it is usually not a very good tool. When the NSA or FBI or local police departments use a Stingray to intercept data and to track fugitives they are doing so without a warrant only because they there are no regulations on how and when the device should be used. So this device can be used in a dangerous manner but it can also be in a good way, like a policeman’s gun he can use it to arrest criminals or use it to commit crimes himself. Are we supposed to get rid of the a tool just because it is dangerous even though it helps keep us safe? “In most states, police can get many kinds of cellphone data without obtaining a warrant, which they would need to search someone 's home or car. Privacy advocates, legislators and courts are debating the legal standards with increasing intensity as technology -- and the amount of sensitive information people entrust to their devices -- evolves.” (Source B) Kelly advocates that as technology used to catch criminals and stop crimes evolves so will the laws to keep this powerful tool in check. I believe that we should put in guide laws to keep what we use this for safe and not used against us or in a degrading way. I believe that this is

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