Stages Of Loss And Grief Essay

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Stages of Loss and Grief I experienced all the stages put forth by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (Jackson-Cherry & Erford, 2014). While experiencing the loss of my grandfather I felt denial, anger and bargaining were intertwined. Then shortly after I accepted his death. However, depression lasted much longer. The depression increased when my father left and I circled back to denial or disbelief that my father would leave us, and anger.
Coping Style, Attitudes and Beliefs
My coping methods have been to put a lot of effort and energy into mastering difficult, sometimes dangerous, accomplishments. I first became a ballet and modern dancer and then later a firefighter and paramedic. If I could do something many could not I felt validated and valuable. Being immersed in difficult tasks and challenges seemed to help me to feel I had some control of my life and failure was never an option. I know longer use this counter productive coping mechanism. I learned excellence does not require perfection.
I was raised as a Christian and that has brought me comfort off and on. I eventually converted to Catholicism and receive
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However, I have learned additional lessons from my loss experiences. When we love others we risk losing them and/or being hurt. Consequently, I feel the risk is worth the relationship and connection with others. Additionally, I now understand that individuals can feel so lost, confused and ashamed that they make very poor choices and even hurt others as a result. After years I forgave my father and we have a good relationship now. A big lesson is that failure is an option and perfection is not. Therefore, I do not hold others up to this unachievable existence. People can only be what and whom they are and I cannot change or control anyone or any situation except myself. This realization has been a liberating piece of

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