Stages of Grief Essay

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Stages of Grief
Here in this essay we examine the stages of grief as defined by the renowned thanatologist
Elizabeth Kübler­Ross. In conjunction with this review of grief we will consider the work of
Nicholas Wollsterstorff in his epic
Lament for a Son, written to express his still lingering grief at the loss of his son Eric, who tragically fell to his death while mountain­climbing at the age of 25.
As we study the process of grief, one must bear in mind that for people
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When looking at the grieving process through Kübler­Ross’ stages, it helps to understand each stage, they are discussed below.
Stage one: Denial.
At this first stage, one believes the information is wrong (“they switched the blood test results?”) or they seek to block out the life­changing information that is being stated.
For example, a recent 20/20 show about a tornado and the fatalities suffered due to it featured a couple who would later find out that their 3rd grader had died at school in the destruction. As they were being asked for identification, the father sadly knew why this information was needed, whereas the mother was being helpful, pulling out a photo of their daughter, asking if she was alright. The father was not ready to ask where his daughter was, he was not ready hear where she was [the morgue] (20/20, 2016, June 18) .
Stage two: Anger. ith stage two, once the information about the loss of a loved one (or
perhaps one’s own fatal diagnosis) sets in, anger arrives due to the pain of a new reality. This anger “may be aimed at inanimate objects, complete strangers, friends, or family” or even at “our deceased loved one” (Axelrod, 2016). This anger is evidenced by Wolsterstorff (1987) when he writes, “Why did he climb that mountain?...Why did he climb it alone?...Why didn’t he go with someone, roped up safely?” It is almost as though he is blaming his son for his death.
Stage three: Bargaining.
In this stage,

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