Stage Three Of The Group Essay

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Stage three of the group (more commonly known as the working stage) is a time of exploration for the members, an increased involvement with each other, and an increased cohesion. According to Trecker, Bennis had observed that “groups, like other highly complicated organisms, need time to develop. They need a gestation period to develop trust, communication, and commitment.” (qtd. in Trecker 66) There are several characteristics that piece this stage together to make it a successful group. These different characteristics are trust, cohesion, responsibility, hope, confrontation, and conflict. Each characteristic works together and forms the puzzle of stage three making it successful for the members to work through their problems together. The first characteristic is trust; in order for a group to be successful the members must feel comfortable in the atmosphere and also have certain level of trust that will allow them to progress. When members reach the working stage it is a time of deep exploration within themselves. Often they must express their fears with each other, and this can be embarrassing, scary, and nerve-racking. When the trust is there, this takes the weight off of the members so they can freely express themselves in order to progress towards a positive goal. If the members began to distrust each other, it must be discussed and/or expressed. The members will openly express how they might feel embarrassed by showing their true feelings, and other members will…

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