Essay on St. John 's Church

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Two very different views of Christianity and the traditions and ways communion was done through two different churches will be looked at. The first to be described is St. John 's Church here on Creighton University 's campus. A catholic church, the experience at St. John 's was very scripted and deep in music. The second church attended was Sunset Hills Baptist Church on Pacific Street which emitted a less scripted and less musical however more reflective service that had more points that showed more than just gospel was being read. However, for this initial reflection, I will detail my experiences attending both church communions.

To begin, St. John 's Church right here on Creighton 's campus was packed to the brim with people coming in even a few minutes after service started. It was the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time and the main point of the communion was Breaking Bread and certain pages from the scripture. When I walked in I was handed a booklet called a ‘Worship Guide’ with certain songs that would sing and reflected upon. St. John 's is a beautiful church with very ornate pillars and stained glass windows as well as Father Stephens beautiful robe that he wore welcoming everyone into the church. Father Stephen came in with a procession, with all worshippers standing, and entered to the front of St. John 's. The entire mass began with a celebratory song. To continue, during the celebratory song people stood up and sang along with a very large and beautiful…

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