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Chapter 4

Systems Planning and Selection


Systems Planning and Selection
Now that the “No Customer Escapes” project team has been formed and a plan has been developed for distributing project information, Jim began working on the project scope statement, workbook, and baseline project plan. He first drafted the project scope statement and posted it on the project’s intranet (see PE Figure 4-1). Once posted on the intranet, he sent a short e-mail message to all team members requesting feedback.
Minutes after sending the e-mail, Jim’s office phone rang.
“Jim, it’s Sally. I just looked over the scope statement and have a few comments.”
“Great,” replied Jim, “it’s just a draft. What do you
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Why can’t we just build the system? I think we all know what we want,” replied Sally.
“That is another great question,” replied Jim. “I used to think exactly the same way, but what I learned in

my last job was that there are great benefits to following a fairly formal project management process with a new system. By moving forward with care, we are much more likely to have the right system, on time and on budget.”
“So,” asked Sally, “what is the next step?”
“Well, we need to do the feasibility analyses I just mentioned, which become part of the project’s baseline project plan. Once this is completed, we will have a walkthrough presentation to management to make sure they agree with and understand the scope, risks, and costs associated with making ‘No Customer Escapes’ a reality,” said Jim.
“This is going to be a lot of work, but I am sure I am going to learn a lot,” replied Sally.
“So, let me get to work on the feasibility analyses,” said Jim. “I will be sending requests out to all the team members to get their ideas. I should have this email ready within an hour or so.”
“Great, I’ll look for it and respond as soon as I can,” answered Sally.
“Thanks, the faster we get this background work done, the sooner we will be able to move on to what the system will do,”

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