Essay on Spring Semester At Florida State University

954 Words Feb 16th, 2016 4 Pages
I never really understood the significant of groups until the first week of spring semester at Florida State University. I’m always super nervous the first day of class nevertheless; this time was even more unpredicted. I have this bubbly teacher all excited and ready to dive in. She started by introducing herself to some and revitalizing to others. As class develops she goes over the syllabus and conferring expectations and assignments for the spring semester. I quickly grasp that some assignments required me to work with others, and I instantly became nervous. At that point, I was wishing I could evade this class altogether. As I like working with others, yet my nerves were shot through the roof. To explain, I like working with other people however, I’m not sure if other people like working with me. I like to sit back and see the others members of the group before, I dive in. Some members of the group may think that I’m not eager to take part, but that is not the problem. Some groups make me panicky. Sometimes, I over think and pass judgement on myself before others can. I know groups are a chance to work with others and learn and come up with fresh ideas yet, I feel edgy. The second day of class the teacher requested for the class to form groups of three or four and talk about the best group experience we ever had. Could you imagine the feelings that ran through my mind? I had to retell myself that this could be a good thing and stop thinking the worse. My group…

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