Narrative Essay On Pride And Prejudice

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I learned that white people aren’t the devil Spring,2016. Growing up I didn’t see many and not because I lived in a “poor- black” community. They were not seen as equal within my mind due to me recognizing black people as; doctors, lawyers, educators, and entrepreneurs. When I did see them I thought it was my duty to feel superior as my elders and ancestors once felt inferior. I attended a Pro- Black middle school that explained that I was made within the idea of our creator simply, because of my skin-color. My peers often regarded me as radical for having this mindset. That thought of me being radical boosted my ego. I understood that I had a responsibility to live within those expectations of what was expected of me. I entered all of …show more content…
We met at my old high school in East Point, Ga all nervous and excited. we began our forty-five-minute drive we all threw around scenarios of just how racially divided this experience would be. I began to experience a tight knot in my stomach as everyone would say every ten minutes it’ll be okay as long as they don’t say anything to Sydni. The fact that I had caution written all over me and everyone knew it. We decided to stop for food as we all received a text stating dinner would be provided and was all tried to shy away from tasting their “Jewish” food. As we entered Chick- Fila we knew we were no longer in our neighborhood. While some within our group had no sense of fear from being in a place with so many white people, others of us became confused when we were the only people in there that looked like us.
The meal was very familiar we all ordered the exact same meals. It wasn’t until we went to the bathroom that we officially recognized we were not home. As next to the soap dispenser was a mouthwash dispenser. We had all seen one before, but not in a chick-fila. As we finished our food I received a text asking how close we were, because dinner has begun. We freaked realizing that we were about to be late and worse we weren’t late enough to miss
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“Would you guys like something to eat?” “We have lasagna and salad!” I soon interjected with “Unfortunately, I am a vegetarian, but thank you!” Well that didn’t save me this time as they fixed us a meatless one for us! That knot moved from my stomach, but to my throat! Being the spokesperson as usual I stated “it’s fine we’re not hunger.” Once those words left my mouth I knew pain was in my near future. As my peers froze waiting for reassurance, my body froze and my legs became stiff as if I was in quicksand. I wanted to disappear, but unfortunately I couldn’t as my name danced down my spine. I am unsure on how my mentors face looked, but her words felt like a rope around my throat as she said “You guys must eat!”
We did as we were told and fixed a plate of seven layers of olives. Spinach, vegan cheese, and something I think I’d recognize as throw up. As we sat and visually challenged each other on who would take the first bit! Being me, I arrived to the challenge and to my surprise it was a mouth explosion of goodness within my amazement I soon saw my table being surrounded by my once fear to my surprise they were just like us! They walked the same, talked the same, and even knew the same dance moves. It was this day I knew they were also created in the image of God and not in the shadow of the

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