Sports Psychology Focusses On Enhancing Athletic Performance Through Mental Training

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The novel is inspired by a devastating and shocking bean ball thrown by veteran pitch Warren Tracey in the 1973 American league season at rookie superstar Joe Castle. Warren is described in the book by his son Paul, “He [Warren] was a self-absorbed, brooding man with seldom a kind word for any of us. He had never met his potential and this was always the fault of someone else-the manager, his teammates, the owners, even the umpires”. This description
Sports psychology focusses on enhancing athletic performance through mental training and also deals with problems associated with the pressure of sport. Mental toughness is a crucial prerequisite for athletic success. It can be defined as an athlete’s ability to focus, ability to rebound from failure, ability to cope with pressure, determination to persist in the face of adversity and mental resilience. Considering that mental toughness is perceived to be so critical to athletic success, psychological skill training (PST) targets building and developing these mental skills. Hall of fame baseball player, Yogi Berra quote “sport is 50% physical and 90% mental.” illustrates how critical the mental game is in sports.
Understanding Participants and Exercise Environments
Aggression is a major concern in sport. Psychologists distinguish two types of aggression in sports, instrumental aggression and hostile aggression. Instrumental aggression is goal-directed aggression, although harm can be a secondary result of the action. Hostile…

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