Essay on Sports Psychology : Athletic Training

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Sports psychology is still a relative new topic of research that first started out as preparation tactic for athletes before an important event to increase their chances of success. In the world today sports psychology is increasingly being turned into research for big organizational groups. Athletes are always looking for the next way to win, even if it is by the smallest of margins. Competition can be fierce and very competitive but this is the drive that athletes need to be the best. This metaphor can also be used in organizations or businesses, making sports psychology a tool to make highly tuned “athletes” in sports, but also, in business. These tactics are effective in both athletic training and in the business realm because of the way that they help manage stress levels, motivate individuals to complete set goals, mental rehearsal and imaging, and lastly self-talk strategies. These keys skills have been shown to transfer between the world of an elite athlete and the average working world of a man or women.
Michal Phelps, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, and LeBron James. What do all these elite professional athletes have in common? They all used the techniques of sports psychology to gain an edge on an opponent to become some of the most dominate athlete’s in their sports. Sport psychology can be used at any level of competition from middle school soccer to professional boxing. Violation and the drive, confidence, focus, and emotional control are all the…

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