Essay on Sports Is A Life With Sports

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Millions of people everyday find love and entertainment in the sport that they play. Whether it be football, soccer, baseball, etc. people continue to play even if there are risks. To these athletes, a life with sports is a happy life. Sports to them are what gives them a drive and what keeps their life exciting. A recent rise however in concussions has deter many parents from letting their children play contact sports or continue after getting one. They are starting to worry for the short and long term safety of the child and wondering if it is really worth the risk. The effects these head injuries have on families is tremendously frightening and stressful. They worry for the child’s brain when it comes to the issues of concentration, headaches, and sensitivity. The parents or guardians must now pay for medical bills and go through the child missing sports and school. With all of this in mind however parents and guardians still allow their children to play the contact sport once they recover. What should be adjusted is how the to make the sports safer to avoid head injuries as much as possible. With wanting to accomplish the goal of reducing the number of concussions. the solutions are properly learning or even reducing the number of headers in soccer, taking the concussion seriously and properly following the instructions of recovery, and having more coaches be certified in injury prevention to inform and teach kids how to play safe. “A concussion is a traumatic brain…

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