Bang ! Lights Out: Concussions In Football

Jonathan Sohmer
Mr. Bates Period 1
English 12
7 January 2016
Senior Research Paper
Concussions in Football
Bang! Lights out. The most painful ringing is that of a concussion. A concussion is a very serious injury that results from harsh impact to the brain. Concussions can lead to serious long-term issues, as well as death and severe brain damage. With that being said, in contact sports, specifically American football, impacts to the head area are unfortunate familiarity. As a result of this problem, equipment and attire used in football has been continuously upgraded over time; however, the problem still remains. This has become a major concern for many, especially for the parents of youth football players. The problems that concussions have
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Even the professional level of this sport is facing adversity regarding player safety. The National Football League (NFL) has developed continuously over time and will continue to evolve until its end. Player safety is one of the most important matters that the NFL always wants to maintain, especially relating to traumatic brain injuries or concussions. It has changed its practices and guidelines regarding concussions over time which eventually led to a routine concussion protocol. Many current and former players, however, still suffer from concussions and their side effects. For example, former NFL linebacker and Hall of Famer Junior Seau suffered his fair share of concussions which led to serious, long-term side effects. “May 2012, Junior Seau commits suicide” (Ezell). “The NFL steered his brain toward researchers at the National Institutes of Health. The NIH later diagnoses Seau with CTE” (Ezell). CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, CTE is a disease caused by multiple instances of brain trauma. Unfortunately, Seau is only one of many cases alike his …show more content…
And in 2006, at age 44, he committed suicide with a gunshot to his head. According to forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu of the University of Pittsburgh, an autopsy after his death revealed that Waters ' brain had suffered so much damage from football injuries that it resembled that of an 85-year-old man with early stage Alzheimer 's disease. Omalu told The New York Times that he believes the depression and brain damage resulted from his career-related head injuries” (Hadhazy).
These examples show the limitless possibilities for long-term side effects caused by concussions or traumatic brain injury. Many players have also developed dementia, better known as Alzheimer’s, similar Andre Waters. Not only is this ruining the reputation for the NFL, but it is also causing many layers to sue the league. In fact, in August of 2013, the NFL did pay. “The NFL agrees to pay $765 million to settle the lawsuit with retired players” (Ezell). Concussions have not only ended careers early, but have also ended lives early as

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