Sports Development Essay

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Sports development 3
Task one

There are many methods used in measuring quality in sports development. One method is attendances at sporting activities or local participation levels. These methods have not provided consistency across some methods to do so. As a result of this, and to gain benefits from the scheme, a many number of schemes have been developed to measure quality in sports development.
The main idea of this scheme is to Measure characteristics and attributes of a programme so you can cancel out the weaknesses and also see its strengths. After finding out the weaknesses and strengths the performance analysis can put together a set of quality standards that are appropriate to the industry sector.
Why measure
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Committed to- People who are responsible to have to sup­port it.
Planning to- people who are responsible for making a change and who have taken more steps towards this.
Outcomes- The results of what happened and what changes have actually occurred down to the review.
Impact- To see if the system has been changed and if there has been a intended difference. This can be measured.
Over times- The activity has been evaluated for a long while so it has an impact over a few years. This is normally from two to three years.
Number of years- A number of years will be long enough to learn the outcomes and the impact.
Under represented- Organisations and groups that have not reached their targets and have failed.
Most people- The people within an organisation that know about this and are actually involved.

( – This is where some material is from.

I know that this is useful because it gives a clear indication to me the important words used in QUEST. It makes me understand how they monitor the system and what words they would rate people or organisations at.


It can also highlight the flaws in the company’s and give them a way to overcome these. It can improve recognition of the organisation, making it more publicly known. It can

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