Sports Can Be A Safe Haven For Fans Essay

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In the ever changing society in which we live one thing has remained constant over the years, sports. The Super Bowl, World Series, Olympics, and many other sporting events are considered equal to holidays in the eyes of most Americans. Sports provide a safe haven for fans, a shot in the dark that the underdog will win, in the simplest terms a sense of hope. What about the athletes? As fans it is easy to be the one yelling at the television when your favorite wide receiver does not make the catch, but what about him? Pause for a second and think about the pressures, stress and anxiety placed on his shoulders. What impact, good or bad, physical or mental, do sports have on athletes? Most athletes play their sport of choice from a young age all the way through adolescence, and some even in to adulthood, but it is not free of consequences. It is time for athletes, non-athletes, sports fans, and former athletes to learn the impact sports make in your life, especially as an adolescent.
The popularity of sports continues to peak with an estimated forty-five million child and adolescent participation. Sports can lead to higher self-esteem, better health, higher grades, and more motivation. Sports make it more likely for an adolescent to partake in a healthier diet decreasing their chance of obesity. Research has proven that childhood obesity is a good predictor of adult obesity. Today obesity is undoubtedly one of the biggest threats to the health of our country,…

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