Essay on Sports Activities And Sports Related Injuries

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Children are active, curious beings and as they develop and grow they find ways to become more active through recreational activities and sports. Through the years, the intensity and aggression within sports have increased, leading to more recreational and sports related injuries. During the last ten years, emergency department visits for concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries in children and adolescents have increased (Graham et al., 2013). This increase has led to approximately 144,000 or more visits, made by children and adolescents, to the emergency department annually (Meehan & Mannix, 2010). In addition, post-concussion recovery is poorly understood and children and adolescents may be more vulnerable to concussion effects and have a longer duration of post-concussion symptoms (Meehan & Mannix, 2010). In a study conducted by McCarty et al. (2016), they found that many children recover within 10 to 14 days after a concussion, however, there are 13.7% of children and adolescents who still suffer from post-concussion symptoms 3 months after sustaining the injury (McCarty et al., 2016). Herein lies an issue as many post-concussion symptoms can affect youth cognitively, psychologically, physically and mentally. Moreover, there is a lack of research in children and adolescents on the overall incidence of injury, management of symptoms, including changes in brain function and cognitive behaviors, and treatment after sustaining such injuries. Where the research…

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