Essay on Sport Agents and Amateur Athletes

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Sport Agents and Amateur Athletes
Katie Brown

Sport agents typically handle contract negotiations for athletes, as well as any public relation issues, finance issues, and endorsement deals (Evans, 2010). Over the years, however, sport agents have become more to athletes than just a contract negotiator; they have taken upon the additional tasks of marketing their client’s ability, persona, and brand. With the increasing friction from collegiate athletes over the fact that they continue to be unpaid while simultaneously generating millions in revenue, agents look increasingly more inviting with the cars, money, and gifts they offer promising young
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Unethical behavior amongst sport agents is running rampant and has become an increasingly difficult problem for the NCAA and universities to handle. The NCAA has little power to detract from such behavior once an athlete is professional, but a university can be sanctioned with hundred of thousands of dollars in penalties, forfeiting championships, loss of scholarships, and being banned from post-season play for years. Agents may feel no need to change their tactics even if it does hurt the universities; ­­there is little or no reason to do so give the fact that their clients can still go on to make millions of dollars in the professional ranks.
To facilitate some regulation of sport agents’ behavior and to give schools legal rights to protect themselves from sport agents’ actions, the Uniform Athlete Agent Act (the UAAA) and the Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act (SPARTA) have been passed. According to Mills (2012), the UAAA was adopted by forty states and requires uniformity in the registration, certification, and background check of all sport agents who wish to represent student athletes. The UAAA also provides collegiate institutions with the right to notice and the right to bring civil suits against agents who have acted unethically and broken rules and laws that affect the athlete and/or institution. The most important part of the UAAA includes forbidden conduct,

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