Spirituality In Postmodernism

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Comprehension of Pertinent Terms
The word, spirituality, is abstract, usually connects to religion, especially religious beliefs. It means to pursue the relationship with God, connect to the power of God and communicate with God. In addition, spirituality is intangible but truly exists in one’s feeling and mind, included in one’s subconscious, superconscious and supra-conscious level. It deeply affects our daily basis activities and decisions. Moreover, spirituality can be defined as the meaning of the life. According to Brady, Peterman, Fitchett, Mo, & Cella (1999), spirituality is an indispensable part of the “existential domain” measured the scores of quality of life which include a meaningful personal existence, satisfaction of life goals,
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The spirituality in postmodernism stress in feelings of artistic appreciation, peace of mind, holistic love, and a kind of untroubled compassion. In addition, in postmodernism, individuals often assume that energy forms the world and can be manipulated and controlled as well as postmodernism claimed to be nonreligious it frequently becomes a channeling or manipulation of spirits in practice (Shelly & Miller, 2006).

Personal Worldview Analysis An individual worldview is formed by education, cultural values, living conditions , religious beliefs and so on. Therefore, everyone’s worldview is not exactly the same. The next 7 questions are used to explore and understand the individual’s world view.
What is the prime reality? From Pew Research Center (2015), Christianity was the world’s largest religion in 2010, with an estimated 2.2 billion adherents. The majority people of the world believe God, the only supreme deity. Indeed, God is the creator of the universe. God is the only prime reality. Nothing transcends
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God created this world and has a wonderful purpose for the world and humanity. The nature of the world is orderly and organized, and full of the spirit of God. The nature of the world is full of blessings and pending ones to explore it. Individuals are interrelated and interact with the world in a positive way with the will of God.
A human being?
In the biblical view, the man was made in the image of God in order to live out of God’s will and show God’s wisdom and glory. A man can talk, walk and think. In addition, man is the dwelling of God. When the Spirit of God dwells in man, the human body becomes the dwelling place of God. The spiritual belief is an important key to link with God.
What happens to a person at death? In the concept of Christians, when a person died, it means one finishes the task of God. The body is dead, but his/her soul transform to a higher state. People will be judged by God. Non-Christians or false Christians will be punished. A real Christian, who fully implement of the Christian spirit, will have an eternal house, where is no suffering and diseases, in heaven from Why is it possible to know anything at

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