Speech On The Naacp Obama Essay

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: In his speech to the NAACP Obama argues several points surrounding the nation’s inequities and short comings when it comes to its justice system. Obama is particularly concerned with the number of colored community members who sitting in overcrowded prisons. Obama begins to dissect this issue by taking a look at the statistics from the last thirty years which show a dramatic increase in the number of people incarcerated, and of those prisoners that belong to the Latino and African American race. The main factor Obama sees for the large number of incarcerations in the justice system, is due to the number of nonviolent drug offenders sitting behind bars. He wants to reform the justice system so that these nonviolent offenders are not paying a price that does not fit their crime, and start transforming the community, courtrooms, and the courtroom. Obama proposes that for a change to occur communities need to invest in younger generations provide them with a preschool education, and employment. He believes it is vital to our nation’s future, to attack the problem before it starts; by giving children of all backgrounds and race the same opportunities of success from the start. Obama also acknowledges the actions courtrooms need to take in order to decrease the incarceration rates. These actions include lower the minimum sentencing time for nonviolent drug offenses, or in some case eliminating them completely in exchange for rehabilitation services and similar programs.…

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