Speech On Taking Public Speaking Essay

781 Words Dec 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Prior to this course, I had a whole bunch of ambiguous feelings about taking Public Speaking. Most of these emotions were associated with fear and dread. The reason being is because I recall always having a horrid experience speaking in front of a large crowd. I can remember trembling as I spoke sounding like a complete idiot and only embarrassing myself. Although a multiple amount of people were excited for me to better myself speaking in public, I honestly was not looking forward to it. But, as I conditioned myself to the thought of it, my expectations developed. In this course, I wanted to improve my public speaking skills as well as learn a few techniques to combat stage fright and to better my speaking. In this class, I learnt some valuable speech preparation techniques to write and perform a potentially phenomenal speech. This would include selecting a topic correlating with different categories of speeches, finding the right sources for a speech, and utilizing the correct format for citing them. With that, I also acquired knowledge in writing various phrases such as a specific purpose, a central idea, a preparation outline, or a script. All of these techniques were partially new to me, yet the world of public speaking is diverse from the usual way of composition. Both subjects deal with the aspect of writing, but each have slightly dissimilar set-ups and grammar associated. Associated with public speaking was the multiple types of speeches presented. This would…

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