Speech On Gender Inequality

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Daily, women of all ages, races and social background are subjected to gender inequality, and there is a striking lack of urgency surrounding the issue. I am confident that not one country on our planet could truthfully say they have achieved total equality for both sexes. Put frankly, we probably never will but it is time we closed this sizable crack in ideals.

Today, women make up nearly 50% of the workforce, yet the average working woman earns only 77 percent of what her male counterpart earns. Globally, 1 in 5 girls will be denied secondary education. These things we’d consider basic human rights and should be human rights are not something we all have the benefit of. Not surprisingly, gender inequality is a huge contributing factor
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Men are strong, whilst women are weak and vulnerable. Women need men; they are unable to stand on their own. These behaviours are learned, and have shaped the gender norms in society. Gender norms - these misconceptions, however impose limitations upon females in society. In many countries, girls are denied education simply because of the way they were born. In others, the right to particular jobs or in extreme cases, even the right to drive. These “norms” are perhaps the paramount root of this gender gap. Men are taught they need to be “tough” in order to be masculine. That boy’s don’t cry. That emotion is associated with femininity and that if associated with it, they are no longer a “real man”. The way the phrase “like a girl” becomes an insult; how all of our feminine attributes, are more often seen as limitations, depicts perfectly societies male-dominated demeanor. Apparently If we want to get ahead, masculine qualities are what we need. Women who show strength have “balls”, and have “manned up”. How ludicrous to think they may have done it by simply being themselves. Perhaps the biggest paradox in all this is that we force men to restrict emotion then question why they are not connecting emotionally with issues like women 's rights. This mindset is one the first thing that needs to leave if we want equality any time

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