Speech Of A College Speech: My College Life

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Hey Everyone! Its the middle of the week! Woohoo! hope you all have been having a great week so far. So today I wanted to get on here and talk about my college life. I talk about it quite a bit especially on twitter. So to start off with I started college a few years back, and had been going as a full time student until this last summer quarter. I got to the point in my classes where I no longer could talk 3 classes at a time. I ended up taking summer quarter, and Fall quarter off from classes. This current winter quarter I am taking one class. I go back next quarter taking a pretty hard class which is Anatomy and Physiology. My degree path is Prenursing at the moment. I am just finishing up classes that I need to be able to apply to a nursing …show more content…
I am about 4 classes away which is so excited to me. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time. It was a goal that I was not sure It was something that I could achieve. I had a pretty hard time in Jr. High and going into high school.

I dealt with a bunch of health problems growing up, which lead me into not entering tenth grade. I had missed so many days during my 9th grade school year, as well as struggled so much with bullying that my mom and I made the decision that I would get my GED as long as I continued on with college and graduated. So in may of 2010 I got my GED. This was a huge accomplishment for me because I had never set foot in a day of 10th grade, and the test for a GED asks you stuff beyond that grade level. I had studied really hard for that series of tests. I didn 't start into college right away like I should have. I got distracted, and moved in with my boyfriend at the age of 16. however when I turned 17, only way
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I had goals of being finished with my degree before now. I thought I would be a nurse by now. However even though I think Its taking forever, and I will never get my goal. I have to remember where I started. I started as a girl who had a GED, who never went to a day of 10th grade. I made great strides. I pride myself on being so close to being done with college. Yes it may be taking a lot longer than what I want it to. Yes, I have taken classes that I don 't need. What I always have to remind myself of is that its not a race to get a degree. There are people who are middle age people just now going back and getting their degree, there are people older than me who are still trying to attain their degree. I have got to stop comparing myself to others. Because we all have different situations. All I can do is continue to stay with it, and do my very best to get through school. I know that I will get it done. Yes it will be at a different time than what I want it to be, but the important part is that I will get there. I think about how long I have to go, and I sit and think. Okay I have 1 year until I can apply for a program. then that program is two years, then I need my BA. well those first two steps are not that far away. 3 years in total until I get my dream job is not a bad time frame. I just have to push myself to get great grades so that I am able to get

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