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Chapter 3 Speaking Confidently I. Nervousness about public speaking is normal and widespread. A. Many celebrities and public figures admit to a fear of public speaking. B. Many ordinary citizens place public speaking at or near the top of their lists of fears. C. A clear majority of college students list fear of public speaking as their chief communication weakness. 1. James McCroskey’s Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety shows that

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Nervousness is energy.

b. Energy enlivens your delivery and gives your speech impact.

B. With effort, you can channel your nervous energy and make it work to your advantage.

IV. You can build speaker confidence by using some or all of the coping strategies below.

A. Know how you react to stress.

1. This knowledge lets you anticipate and deal with the physical signs of stress as you deliver your speech.

2. This knowledge also helps you mask signs of nervousness from your audience.

B. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

1. You must honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Utilize your strengths and mask your weaknesses.

3. Beware of exaggerating your weaknesses and constructing only “safe” speeches.

C. Know speech principles.

1. These principles, communicated by your textbook and instructor, concern the content, organization, and delivery of a speech.

2. Feeling secure about your content, organization and delivery should make you feel more confident.

D. Know that it always looks worse from the inside.

1. Remember that your audience cannot read your mind to detect your nervousness.

2. Untrained audiences are not good at detecting the self-perceived nervousness of a public speaker.

E. Know your speech.

1. Knowing your speech does not require you to memorize it.

2. If you
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