Speech Against The Stepmother And An Episode Of Law And Order

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This essay compares the speech Against the Stepmother and an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims unit, with the aim to compare and contrast the way these two are similar and different. Against the Stepmother consists of a young man accusing his stepmother for killing his father and was written in Athens between 420 to 411 BC. The Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Legitimate Rape" was aired on March 27, 2013, and deals with a woman named Avery accusing her co-worker, Purcell, of rape and the court case that follows the accusation. Despite the temporal and cultural differences, there are significant similarities in regards to the rhetoric used to provoke emotion from the jury and the use of evidence to support a position, and furthermore, immense differences such as the need to appeal to Gods in Ancient Greek times and the use of lawyers and police in modern cases that greatly segregate the two. Against The Stepmother is a speech that was delivered by young man who recently turned eighteen, the minimum age for bringing a legal case. In this speech, the young man is attempting to persuade a jury to indict the stepmother how killing his father, and does it by using rhetoric and empathy. The stepmother is being defended by her son, the young man’s half-brother. The young man argues his position by retelling what he recalls as a young boy, primarily telling the jury to punish a woman who is guilty of her crime and that the Gods side with his position as they are…

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