Essay on Speech : A Rude Awakening ( Inciting Event )

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++Episode 1 – A Rude Awakening (Inciting Event)++
++Goal – he attempts to get it sorted.++
++Conflict – he meets with his innate resistance t change++
++Disaster – she delivers her ultimatum.++

Susie propped herself up against the headboard, and pulling her legs up to her chest, stared despondently into her lap.
She looked across at Mike. He had no idea, she thought, giving him a withering look.
Whether it was instinct, or because he 'd caught sight of her grimace, he pulled the duvet up over his head. It was all he could think of to do – hoping the earth would swallow him up because he knew what was coming.
“It’s no good hiding Mike. I can’t take anymore – you’ve got to get it sorted.”
He cringed, feigning ignorance, which he later regretted. “What do you mean, *what 's got to get sorted?’”* Came his muffled reply.
She yanked the cover back and pointed to her eyes. “*This is what 's got to get sorted!* You’ve heard of ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, well how about ‘Sleepless in Wycombe End’? I can’t remember the last time I got a good nights sleep!”
He opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out as he stared at her dishevelled look.
“In the twenty years we’ve been married,” she continued, “I’ve never known you to snore before – let alone all this! It was one of your rare qualities. I mean, I could always count on getting a good eight hours – and you know how I need a good night, otherwise I get craggy. But now? Now, you’re just taking the biscuit, and you’ve graduated from…

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