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SPED Team Grand Canyon University SPED Team Intellectual disabilities (ID) in education require proper planning, collaboration, communication, accommodations, modified lessons, and detailed individualized instructions. Intellectual disabilities affect many aspect of a person daily life with a variety of emotional, mental, social, and physical characteristics (Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, n.d.). Intellectual disabilities are also known as mental retardation

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Module 1 required students to perform an interview with a special and regular education teacher to gather background information on terminology, law, identification of ID, classification of ID, accommodations for students with ID, and characteristics of learning and social aspects of living with ID. The interview process gave me great insight into teaching students with intellectual disabilities. The initial topic of the interview with both teachers was identifying ID within students. Mrs. Hoffman had more detailed ways of identifying ID within students and classifying them according to their specific needs and characteristics of ID. Ms. Kelly had ways of identifying ID students within regular education classrooms. Both teachers expressed the notion that typically children with ID are diagnosed prior to beginning school and placed on IEPs with SPED teams developed prior to beginning education. Ms. Kelly said “Students struggling with learning and building relationships with peers and interacting social are expressing early signs of a disorder or disability and should be observed and tracked to ensure students are getting what they need from their education.” Mrs. Hoffman said identifying ID in students is easier than identifying other disabilities because ID affects so many aspects of a student’s daily life. We discussed the characteristics of ID students which are social, emotional, mental, and physical. Mental characteristics
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