Essay on Specific Gravity & Absorption

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Name: Jasmin S. Arquillano Group 2 Date: August 12, 2014
Schedule: 8:30-11:30 AM (Tuesday) Instructor: Engr. Kathrina Marie I. Malinao

To determine the Apparent, Bulk (Dry), Bulk (SSD) specific gravity and the absorption in percentage of the coarse and fine aggregate sample



1. Approximately five kilograms of the coarse aggregate sample was taken by method of quartering. The 5 kg coarse aggregate sample was sieved by the 3/8” sieve and the materials passing through were discarded. (Figure 1)

2. The sample coarse aggregate was washed thoroughly with water to remove dust and other materials coating the
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Coarse aggregates washed with running water and soaked for 24 hours


1. Approximately one kilogram of the fine aggregate sample was taken by method of quartering.

2. The fine aggregate sample was placed in a pan covered with water and was stood for 24 hours. (Figure 1)

3. The 1 kg sample was brought to saturated surface dry condition with the use of a blower. (Figure 2)

4. 500 grams of the SSD fine aggregate was taken and the exact weight of the SSD fine aggregate was recorded as (D).

5. The specific gravity bottle was filled with water until the 800 ml mark and the weight of the specific gravity bottle plus water in grams was recorded as (B). The water temperature was set to be about 23±1.5°C.

6. Some of the water of the specific gravity bottle was removed but 200 ml was retained and the 500 g SSD fine aggregate was added into the bottle. Enough water was added to establish the level to the 450 ml mark. (Figure 3)

7. The specific gravity bottle was rolled on a flat surface to eliminate entrapped air before more water was added up to the 800 ml mark. The weight of saturated aggregate plus water plus specific gravity bottle was recorded as (C).

8. The contents of the bottle were placed in a pan and placed inside the oven. All aggregates were washed out of the bottle by the use of tap water. The oven dry weight (A) was obtained after 24 hours.

9. From the data obtained, the specific gravity and

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