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Speaking and Listening – Elizabeth has shown she has good speaking and listening skills this year. She loves show and tell and takes great pride in presenting to the class items that she has bought in from home. When presenting, Elizabeth articulates well and holds good eye contact with her audience. During carpet sessions, she listens well most of the time but can occasionally become distracted by what others are doing around her. When taking part in School performances, Elizabeth is more confident and is beginning to enjoy performing to large audiences.

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Handwriting – Elizabeth makes an effort to keep the presentation of her work neat. Her handwriting is clear and she is using cursive script consistently. Her letters are sized appropriately and are well formed. When writing, Elizabeth applies the correct amount of pressure to her pencil, making her writing easy to read and her pace is good when she does not rush to finish. When she rushes her work, her letters can become larger and her handwriting less neat. Elizabeth is learning to proof read her work once she has finished but must continue to develop this skill next year.

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Maths - Elizabeth has made excellent progress in maths this year and shows good mathematical ability. The areas of the curriculum she has covered this year have involved number, operations, fractions, measures, geometry, statistics and problem solving. When she applies herself, she works with an eagerness to…

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