Spain Distribution Channels Essay

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Spain Distribution channels A. Distributing a product * Evolution of the sector
The distribution market in Spain is very focussed and specialized.. In 2005, the turnover from retail trade increased to 194 billion Euros which was an increase of 5.6% compared to 2004. Some Autonomous Communities impose restrictions for the establishment of superstores and shopping centers. * Market shares
Distribution in Spain is still characterized by a large number of retailers and traditional stores. Retail trade, which employs 3.1 million persons (2007), is seeing its relative influence in the economy decreasing gradually. Its global turnover reached 194 billion Euros (2005) and was achieved by the 646,000 retail businesses that Spain had
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However, Spain presents for the moment a slight delay in this sector in comparison with other european countries, mainly due to three reasons:
- The connection rates proposed by the Internet operators are generally low;
- There are few online shops;
- The risks of payment by credit card. * Other direct marketing companies

Big names in distance selling La Redoute Catálogo | mail order selling, e-commerce | ready-to-wear clothes, home and decoration, hifi-tv | Manutan | E-commerce | Handling equipment, packages, machinery and tools, industrial and office supplies, maintenance, data processing and telecommunications | El Corte Ingles | E-commerce | ready-to-wear garments, home appliances, hifi-TV, entertainment, travel, house and food | Planeta Directo | E-commerce | Entertainment and culture | Venca | mail order selling, e-commerce | ready-to-wear, beauty products, household linen, decoration | C. Organizing goods transport * Main useful means of transport
Transport by sea represents 20% of the GDP of the transport sector and 1% of GNP. The freight traffic at the port reached 442 million tons in 2005, which represented a 7.68% increase compared to 2004. Container freight traffic reached 11.05 million TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Unit) in 2005, growing by 8.74% compared to 2004. 78% of imports and 51% of exports of Spain

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