Essay about Space And Place Are Important Facets Of Our Identity

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Space and place are important facets of our identity and who we are. It is sometimes said that places have a way of claiming people, or that a place grows on you. This means that not only are we getting used to a place but also that we are developing a strong relationship with that place and that it is becoming a part of our identity. Place identity is the foundation of a person’s self-identity, and consists of knowledge and feelings developed through everyday experiences of physical spaces. Not only does space and place shape our identity, but we also shape space and place. People have been shaping their environment throughout all of history; when people move to new places, their journeys and new settlements have changed the places left behind as well as the new places. The debate of how we shape space and place will revolve around two main attitudes: the idea that people have shaped the places they live in by coexisting with the natural environment or the idea that people only exploit spaces and places for their own benefit, for wealth and happiness. Throughout history, humans have manipulated natural resources to produce the materials they needed to sustain themselves and also for their own benefit, which is the idea of the “commercialization” camp. Humans have abused places in order to fit our lifestyles and to gain from in a profit-driven culture of marketing, consumerism and entertainment. On the other hand, the “environmental awareness” camp believes that people have…

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