Soviet Union And Its Impact On The World Essay

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The Soviet Union was a communist monster and to many, an enemy. After World War I came the Russian Revolution and then the Soviet Union was born. Throughout the following 70 years, it advanced to be known as a world “superpower” which left many marks on the world history of the 20th century. Russia remains, but the 15 Soviet Republics are all independent today. The highs and lows of Soviet Union brings an eventful past in which students are able to gain knowledge. The real question is, what should textbooks emphasize? Well, there are many important areas to elaborate on in soviet history. Three that should be contained within a history unit are cultural achievements, military strength, and political repression.

To understand the Soviet Union and its impact on the world, emphasis needs to be put on its cultural achievements. All eyes were on the Soviet Union as they stated the race for the stars, the Soviet Space Race Firsts Chart claims “Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite, was launched into space on October 4th, 1957” (Doc F). This was the biggest hit in new political, military, technological, and scientific development. By launching the first Earth satellite into space, the Soviet Union showed their dominance and power to the world. As a result, it opened a space race and competition among the world’s biggest countries. Sputnik should be included in textbooks as it was the historical advancement of mankind and showed to the world that the biggest communist…

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