Southwest Airlines : Business Model Essay

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In over 40 years of dedicated service, Southwest Airlines which is a Dallas, Texas based company sustain its image as the best of the rest with ideal customer service by an abundance of workers to over millions of customers on a yearly basis. Southwest Airlines has around 4,000 flights taking off on a daily basis amongst a system of almost 100 locations within the United States and numerous locations throughout the world. Importantly, Southwest Airlines established a connection to Long Beach, California during the beginning of June of this year. According to Farris & Swartz (2006), “The Southwest Airlines business model has made it arguably the only consistently profitable airline in the world” (p. 58).
Now, when it comes down to conditions of originating with the overall board of daily flyers, then Southwest Airlines is leading the pack amongst all of the other airlines. Southwest Airlines uses the biggest groups of known aircraft worldwide which almost all are supplied with Wi-Fi making it possible to have exceptional connectivity. The famous slogan for Southwest Airlines is “You are now free to move about the Country”. This paper will paper will discuss the company leadership process, the company competitive advantage and potential challenges to strategy, potential challenges, and the company growth strategies.

Effectiveness of company’s leadership
Southwest Airlines perception is to be the all-around best, most popular airline, and lastly the most…

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