Southern Pulp & Paper

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Southern Pulp and Paper
In this work I am going to identify the Southern Pulp and Paper’s Toccoa mill problems and issues that are available to mill’s manager Curtis Shelton.

Part 1 In considering the overall process on the pulp and bleached products industry it is always good to start with the main performance objectives and measures. One of the first important issues is the process design and layout. How the process architecture looks like and how well it is designed to fulfill all the required operations would be the most important questions to be asked. As stated in the case study the main problem of the mill appears to be the machines, number 5 and 6. They were in use since 1967 and were quite old, and
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After identifying all the causes and finding solutions for the machines capacity they could still remain as the bottleneck of the overall process. In this case it might worth reengineering the process and introduce a machine with higher capacity. Regarding the computerization issue of the machines the question is how economically sound will it be for the mill. It has been shown that many of the problems such as grade changes, quality problems and sequencing. There is no doubt that the computerization will lead to flexibility and throughput increase. On the other hand the question is does it worth investing $15 million or in other words how important flexibility is in this case. While measuring the performance and considering how a company can gain the competitive advantage the flexibility is one of the most important indicators. As Vonderembse and White state (1988:35) it “is the ability to change between products or customers with minimal costs and delays”. In this case flexibility is the solution for the productivity or capacity problems of the machines. Secondly it enables the satisfaction of the customer demand by making it possible to offer high variety of products, even if those variations might not reflect the higher quality of the products as it seems to be happening in Shelton’s case. Moreover the

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