South Georgia Family Crisis Center With A Charity Kid 's Fashion Show

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On Tuesday, August 23rd 2016 and Saturday, August 27th 2016, I volunteered to help the North Georgia Family Crisis Center with a charity kid’s fashion show. Tuesday was the rehearsal for the fashion show, and unfortunately I didn’t get to help out much because I was held up in a meeting. However, on Saturday, I got the chance to participate more and I experienced an opportunity that I believe was a great advantage to me and will benefit me in the future. On the day of the fashion show, I arrived at 11:00 am and signed in at the front desk. After that, I was immediately put on concession stand duty. I started my day selling water bottles for a dollar and handing children their snacks. Not many people bought water, as most people brought their own drinks, but all together, the profits I gathered from this stand came to a total of six dollars. As the day went on, I also helped with a few other tasks. For example, I made sure the other volunteer students signed their time sheets and made sure they wrote down their hours. I also helped clean up after the fashion show, and I helped put chairs and tables back in their correct places once the show was done. To me, the jobs I performed to help with the fashion show offered more than just community service. I also observed quite a bit preadolescent behavior while performing these tasks, and I met some interesting people. The concession stand was next to where the kids got their hair and makeup done, so for the majority of my time,…

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