Essay about South Africa

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Analysis Of The Emerging Country South Africa
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The macro-economic policy includes 5 macro objectives:
Economic growth
Increasing employment
A positive trade balance (increasing exports above imports)
Combating inflation
The achievement of these objectives is very much important to the South African economy, the effects of the failure to achieve these objectives will lead to social, politically and economically instabilities. Over the past years the South African government and the reserve bank SARB have managed to achieve the five macro objectives effectively thus why it is ranked among the fast developing nations.
South Africa is the largest economy in the African continent. South African economy is projected to grow over the next decade at around 4%. Based on these projections, South Africa's is supposed to add approximately 0,7% of global demand in the next 10 years.
South Africa is an attractive economy with various prospects in the future, however it is far from being a member of BRIC group. The main concerns are the development of its current account and the difficulties in demographic and labor market situation. Therefore, the process of including South Africa in the BRIC must focus on the geopolitical rather than on economic reasons.
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The purpose of this project is to analyze the place

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