South Africa Has Affected By The Hiv Epidemic Essay

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South Africa has been most severely affected by the HIV epidemic, thereby having the highest HIV prevalence in the world (Pettifor et. al, 2011). When HIV was first discovered in South Africa, it affected a lot of the urban populations and spread to the rural parts of South Africa. Further, studies have found that HIV prevalence is much higher is urban townships and urban informal settings which are characterized by their poor economic infrastructures and larger social densities (Kalichman et. al, 2005). Although the Pettifor et. al (2006) study concludes that South Africans practice safer sex in comparison to their American counterparts, the prevalence is still significantly higher.
The higher rates of HIV prevalence can be explained by the reduced immunity to the infection due to individuals who have been previously infected by multiple factors such as stress, repeated infections, malnutrition and most importantly, poverty (Phatlane, 2003). Individuals living in poverty are more likely to seek medical attention from the public sector of health care but this sector of health does not receive nearly the same amount of funds that the private sector does. Sixty percent of the health care funds for the nation are put towards the private health care sector, which is only 18% of the South African population. Furthermore, approximately 66% of the countries physicians work for the private sector of healthcare or individuals who have insurance (Benatar, 2004). Ultimately, it is a…

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