South Africa And South African History Essay

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South Africa’s history helped set the stage for major violence to occur. Readers of Coetzee’s Age of Iron were able to experience this first hand, and through lecture were able to gain an understanding of South Africa’s history. The history of South Africa is significant because, it shows a story in history that has been told many times, the story of a need for change, a revolution. This feeling and emotion of violence is not native to South African history, but World History. People feel responsible for others actions, even after generations have passed. People feel personally responsible for the violence that their ancestors afflicted on others. While some feel what their ancestors did was wrong, people aren’t necessarily sure how to fix the feeling of guilt, and realize they have no control over the past. People continuously have the feeling of guilt even if they had no dealing with the violence that occurred. (Class lecture) The Nature of violence in South African society before the end of the apartheid was violent, because those who realized wrong had been committed felt that they couldn’t do anything to change it, and those who were discriminated against wanted change no matter the cost, thus creating violence. Throughout history conflict has almost always been present in colonialism, and South Africa was set up for violence by its history. Even at the Berlin Conference in 1884 there wasn’t one representative from the areas, which would be affected…

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