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Dreww Pule’
English 1
Intro-Body Paragraph2

Imagine not being comfortable enough to go about your daily life, in your own body. How uncomfortable and helpless would you feel? The type of hardship I will be discussing and writing about will be about depression, an emotional stress. The articles, texts, and quotes I will be using are going to be from, “ Violinist has The World on Two Strings” by author Steve Lopez. The other article I will be using will be “Straight Outta Compton” by authors Jeff Benedict and Armen Kentyian. Refuge is important to depression victims and anybody who has an emotional stress. Refuge is the number one reason why many people make it through tough times. Not finding refuge and trying to face
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The emotional stress can lead to feel that you are trapped in your own world that nobody knows about. Nathaniel Ayers and Kitam Hamm will show. Imagine living in a world completely unknown to anybody else but you, and only you have to suffer. What if that world was in only your head? Nathaniel Ayers and Kitam Hamm will tell what that is like, to be controlled by something unseen. In this article, “Straight Outta Compton”, by authors Jeff Benedict and Armen Kentyian, they will tell about a young teenager, who has to face the daily struggles that he faces every day. As Nathaniel Ayers is stuck in his world, so is Kitam Hamm. Nathaniel lives in a world full of unknown voices, and Kitam lives in a world full of important choices, only they face those kinds of problems. Kitam and Nathaniel are alone in their own way. “Nathaniel, 54, who told me that he had been diagnosed years ago with schizophrenia.” (Lopez) “ Kitam lives in a neighborhood with at least three rival gangs.” (Benedict) Those are examples of why Kitam and Nathaniel face depression and emotional stress because there is no easy way out. However, there is a way out for both of them. Nathaniel’s refuge is music, and Kitam’s refuge is football. “ Kitam suits up at 5:15 and ends at 7:15. Football is an alternative at night, because that is when all the trouble happens for young men.” (Benedict) The examples show that there is a way out, but none are easy.

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