Sound In Jaws

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Sound is an integral element in a film that is overlooked in its importance. The way the director manipulates sounds allows the film's tone to play with how the audience feels and in film such as Babel[Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2006], Noise [Matthew Saville, 2007],Two Hands, Jaws [Steven Spielberg, 1975] and many other … films it is done so effectively. The use of sound conveys emotion, the story and how the filmmaker is interpreted throughout the film. These films rely on sound to communicate certain aspects of the story. I will be further talking about the manipulation of sound have been used in these films.

Silence can be just as effective as sound in films when trying to communicate dramatic meaning. In film Babel it is manipulated
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Each film sound effects have a different purpose and can be categorised into groups; The simulation of reality, Creation of illusion and mood. Properly manipulating this element of sound can be effective when creating a dramatic effect and additional meaning within a scene that corresponds with a character and their emotion throughout the film. The use adequate use of SFX can be seen throughout Jaws a reputable movie for its sound. The film is based around a predator that you never see but always have the sense of its presence. The reason the viewer is able have this feeling is because of how Steven Spielberg has manipulated sound. In the “get out of the water scene” Spielberg has taken close attention to all aspects of sound. The scene begins with the introduction Alex a little boy who we will see later on in the scene the sound highlights the family atmosphere along the beach, You can here talking and the slight crashing of waves on the shoreline this sets a calm mood that correlates with the usual beach environment. The camera pans up the beach following Alex where is continues up to focus on the sheriff. The sound changes to the conversation situated just behind him where as it clashes with the sheriffs focus on the beach. This is because only recently prior to this scene there was a shark attack and his job is a look out. The audience can feel the separation of intentions for being on the beach and …show more content…
It doesn’t have to be straight off the screen, but can be produced later in post production to give emphasis to the parts the director wants to be emphasised. The use of digetic sound enables all sounds on the screen to stand out. Usually in films elements such as footsteps, or the closing of doors isn’t heard therefore are produced off screen. The utilisation of digetic sound has its benefits within the film when creating a dramatic effect for the audience. You can choose which sounds you want to hear. As seen in Noise certain sounds are manipulated to stand out. At the start of the movie

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