Sound And Sound Of Acoustic Guitar Essay

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As such a versatile instrument, the sound of the acoustic guitar ranges from the rhythmic undulations of reggae to the heartfelt yearnings of a simple ballad. This instrument does not emanate its rich tones and overtones from the soundhole alone. This is a whole-instrument affair. Sound projects from the panels of the body, the strings and even from the resonating fretboard. As we explore the fine skill of recording acoustic guitar, keep this in mind.

Start with the guitar and player
We all know that great sound starts at the source, but with all the cool equipment, processors, hypnotizing meters and lights, we may need to be reminded of this from time to time. Always look for that great sound from the source.

Because of the fact that the acoustic guitar can be harder to service and modify than the electric guitar, there are fewer things that a musician or studio engineer can change on an acoustic guitar when it is brought into a recording session. Limited as they may be, there are a few things that may positively affect the sound of an acoustic guitar that you find yourself recording.
Convince the guitarist to strum or pick closer to the neck for a softer sound. Picking closer to the bridge will render a harder sound with more harmonics built into it.
For a swishier sound, use a thinner pick. Using a thin pick with more of the tip exposed from the fingers will lighten up the guitar sound. Inversely, a heavier pick supports a more solid, rhythmic sound.
Change the…

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