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Soren Chemicals
1. What is the addressable market size for Coracle? Is the first year goal of $1.5 million sales reasonable? (10 points)

2. Why is Soren struggling to sell Coracle? (10 points)

3. What is the highest price Soren can set for Coracle? (7 points)

4. What action plan do you recommend for Coracle? (13 points)

Coracle is one of the clarifiers developed and produced by Soren Chemicals targeting residential pools which have smaller size than commercial pools and water parks, that are served by other clarifiers like the Kailan MW produced by Soren Chemicals. Very small quantities of Kailan MW are sufficient to treat large volumes of water but it is unsuitable for smaller-scale applications such as residential
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2. The stocks in the consumers sides, pool service professionals sides, pool specialty retailers sides, and mass retailers sides will also impact the sales of Coracle, especially in the last busy maintenance month of a year. Especially till the end of September, if the consumers decide not to use the pool until next May, they may not maintain the pools because in the beginning of next May, they need to clean again for the pools for swimming after a long time of non-use.
3. Soren Chemical did not position the good product Coracle in the most appropriate position to its customers. Consumer market of residential pools emphasized more on aesthetics and perceived cleanliness. This is a risk for Soren Chemical to bring Coracle to the market without a suitable emphasis focusing on what the consumers concern more.
4. As indicated in the case, 30% of the respondents recalled receiving the Coracle materials that Soren Chemical had sent in response to their inquiries. Furthermore, 70% of the respondents stated that Coracle had not been offered by their distributors. All these suggest that Coracle’s sales team did not do sufficient work before they bring the Coracle clarifier to the market and this also weakened their sales revenue.
5. There is unclear gap between Kailan MW and Coracle even though Kailan MW targets at the segment of commercial pool and water

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