Sor Juana De La Cruz's A Philosophical Satire

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As a paragon of women’s suffrage in an androcentric world, Sor Juana de la Cruz brazenly uses her craft to characterize men as ‘misguided’ and ‘oblivious’ (1-3) in her poem, A Philosophical Satire. Her argument is accentuated through wit and paradox, and the impersonal way by which she addresses her subjects makes the message all the more chilling. On the subject of love, she notes that if a woman is “not willing, she offends, / but willing, she infuriates” (39-40), revealing a double-standard set by society (men). De la Cruz suggests quite plainly that men are fickle; they can never be pleased, and believe the cause of displeasure originates from women. This notion sets a dangerous precedent for the future objectification of women by men,

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