Essay on Sophocles ' Antigone - Antigone

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Antigone, the heroine of “Antigone” is often referred to as a religious rebel for giving her brother Polyneices a proper burial of a solider. Antigone is the youngest daughter of Oedipus. Antigone is a religious rebel, she purposely goes out to spite Creon’s decree that Polyneices cannot be buried or mourned over. Creon is the ruler of the Thrown, he was left in charge by Oedipus to watch over his four children and Oedipus Kingdom. Creon is not a villain but he is considered to be the antagonist. Creon has gone through quite a bit of changes through all three Sophocles Plays. Antigone and Creon are both loyal, brave, passionate and stubborn. Antigone and Creon are very similar individuals, yet different and still met the same fate at the end. Death.
After Oedipus dies Antigone goes and tries to find her brothers to follow then and try to re connect with her family. But she quickly finds out that her brothers killed each other for their father’s throne. Her other brother got a proper solider style burial. Polyneices did not, Antigone tired of her family being cursed, she couldn’t let her brother suffer on earth, she had to rebel against Creon and bury her brother. She asked Ismene for some help but she is engaged to Creon s son and is a scared of the political back lash from her soon to be father in law.
Creon is the antagonist. Creon when he first showed up in Oedipus the King, Creon was a nice, rational guy. He was a friend to Oedipus and helped him control his temper.…

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