Creon's Death In Sophocles Antigone

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In the book, Antigone, it is mainly about the conflict between Antigone and her uncle. Her two brothers was the reason of the conflict, where they fight and killed each other for the throne. However, one of the brother, Polynices was given the title of traitor and was told not to be bury and was left out in the wilderness as food for the vultures.
However the love that Antigone has for her brother tells her that she had to fight and find a way to bury her brother. Despite all the danger that she might gets, she still bury her brother, but unfortunately, her uncle, Creon found out and lock her in the jail. However Antigone’s fiancé whom is also Creon’s son found out and argue with his father. In the end, Antigone suicide leads to the death of her fiancé and her mother in law (Creon’s wife).
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By doing so, it help brings the main ideas of the play out, which is death, where the director even add a scene by putting pictures of people who is dead to remember them. In addition the theme of this play is very abstract, where the actors will shout in the background or crawl around the stage to show how desperate they are. When they had their line, they putted a lot of emotion in it. The one scene that reminded me the best is when Creon find that his wife and son die, his heart is broken and he finally realize that what he did is terribly wrong, and the how characters all line up and yell is to late, they went to

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