Sophocles ' Antigone And Plato 's Crito Essay

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In Sophocles’ Antigone and Plato’s Crito, both authors discuss a similar topic where the main character is accused of a crime and put to jail to face their consequence. Even though the two characters, Antigone and Socrates, have different views on their consequence, they both discuss their opinions on whether it is wrong to comply with an immoral law or not. While Antigone is headstrong and doesn’t regret breaking immoral laws for a virtuous cause, Socrates debates with Crito whether it is moral or not. Socrates reasons that if there is a valid reason for why one should break an immoral law, he will adhere to it. Although I am one who has been repeatedly taught to adhere to the laws, I agree that there are times when one should break an unjust mandate as breaking immoral laws plays a critical role in reforming the community because it is important to voice out your opinions and stance while allowing the government to realize why their decisions were unscrupulous. In Crito, Socrates defends his opinions on ethical and/or immoral actions and allows us to understand that there are scenarios where breaking the law can be considered an ethical move. As Crito debates with Socrates regarding Socrates’ escape, Socrates defends and outlines his reasoning for the prerequisites of escaping prison. Socrates states how, “what we ought to consider is not so much what people in general will say about us but how we stand with the expert in right and wrong, the one authority, who…

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